Where does The Ferret get its funding from?

The Ferret is a product of years of support from our paying members. If you’re one of the many thousands of people that have supported our work – thanks! You are the largest, and most important source of income to The Ferret. If you’ve not yet joined, you can do that online here.

We also supplement the income from our members with money from grant giving bodies, event fees, and selling stories to other media organisations.

We have launched stories in partnership with a range of other media organisations including The Guardian, The Daily Record, The Times, The National and The Sunday National.

We do not accept funding from any organisation that seeks to influence our editorial.

As all of our paying members are eligible to stand for election to the board, we try to be as transparent as possible with everyone about how The Ferret works. Our transparency dashboard is updated regularly with information on our web visitors, social media performance, complaints and financial documentation. You can find it here: Transparency Data


All our accounts and annual returns are available on the Financial Conduct Authority website. You can find them here: Mutuals Public Register: The Ferret Media Limited