Vision and values


The Ferret’s vision is for a diverse, fair and democratic society informed by insightful, investigative journalism.


The Ferret’s mission is to produce independent, not-for-profit, investigative journalism that holds power to account and empowers its readers to play a full part in Scottish society.

  • Sub-aims:
  1. To inform people about matters of public interest through high quality investigative journalism.
  2. To empower The Ferret community and wider society, through skill sharing and resources, to better participate in democratic processes and holding power to account.
  3. To collaborate with readers, civil society and other media to uncover, produce and amplify stories that contribute to positive change.

VALUES: The Ferret’s values underpin our approach, holding ourselves to be:

  1. Transparent fair and accountable – in how we operate and in our relationship with our readers and wider community.
  2. Independent and non-partisan – we are not affiliated with any political party or movement
  3. Collaborative and equitable – we work with others and provide a platform to amplify issues that matter to them
  4. Persistent and tenacious – we are dedicated to seeking out stories and publishing investigations without fear or favour
  5. Diverse and inclusive – we operate as a cooperative creating opportunities for all to be involved and have their say in how we develop.