Should the UK Government suspend arm sales to Israel?

Should the UK Government suspend arm sales to Israel?

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Is it anyway feasible just to make weapons for your own country. Seems like a very sensible industry to be natinoalised. There will always be a need for armed defense, but never a justification for arming others surely? At least never on a state level.

They shouldn’t just suspend it, they should ban it totally. We are selling death to Palestinian people by arming the Israeli’s, while they refuse even the tiniest of babies permission to enter Israel for life-saving hospital treatment. No-one with a social conscience can believe what is happening is fair. Their blood is on our hand


Thales in Govan arms the IOF to kill children and adults in the world’s largest killing zone. See The Conservative, Labour & Lib Dems Friends of Israel for those in both Houses who take the shekel; formerly the US dollar, to lobby at Westminster on behalf of The Knesset. Here on HMP Plague Island we too have become targets for a fascist government who uses democide as a means to an end. Therefore killing unarmed citizens in another country should come as no surprise when profits to made are huge! It is the one thing that we do best!


In 1915 at theit inaugural gathering at the Hague the Womens International League for Peace and Freedom came up with 21 Resolutions that they considered could be the basis for transnational agreements that could end the bloody slaughter then was then raging across Europe. One was that it should be illegal for weapons to be manufactured privately, only by governments, and never for profit.