Reader poll: Should the UK Goverment be able to stop Scotland's gender recognition law?

Should the UK Goverment be able to stop Scotland’s gender recognition law?
  • Yes
  • No

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I’m not convinced that ALL 16-year-olds are mature enough to make such a life-changing decision, but I’m incensed that WM is interfering in Scottish Government decisions.


If the Scottish Parliament had done a better job of acknowledging the potential difficulties and attempting to deal with them, then this situation might not have arisen. The “no debate” approach to criticism of the effects of gender ideology has been so damaging. Who can think that it is acceptable to put male sex offenders in a female prison? Who can fail to be worried that schoolchildren are being encouraged to see themselves “born in the wrong body” and to demand mutilating medical and surgical “treatments”. The capture of the left by this cult-like belief is astonishing, particularly to those of us who raised children in the 1980s to reject gender stereotypes. It seems to me to be an extreme form of commercialism, and anti-science.


I find it abhorrent that a sixteen year old can make a decision such as gender reassignment. The minimum age one should be able to begin treatment would be twenty-one. Let us consider the growing of the body. Male and female stop growing at eighteen but chemical processes take at least two years more in males and six years in females. The Midget Queen is out of order and has wasted too much money on non existent ferries, Edinburgh trams, court costs for insured plus publicity and now taking her ego back into court over this. The sooner the better she resigns.

No Tory UK Govt dont have Support in Scotland they barely noticed.
Bulk of Scot!and don like support or respect the Tory Govt in Westminster.
But their great for building in Support for INDY REF 2