Reader poll: Should the deposit return scheme have been delayed?

Should the deposit return scheme have been delayed?
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  • No

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I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t approve of a DRS scheme. Just not this crazy one. As someone who works regularly with a microbrewer in our village, we are breathing a huge sigh of relief at the postponement, and hoping that there will be a genuine move to improve the scheme in a way that does not disproportionately affect SMEs, especially in rural areas.

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Of course it should be delayed. Glass and cans are not an obvious problem. However, plastic is. Stop plastic packaging as a priority. Then worry about the bottles.

Many Continental countries have this scheme in place (e.g. Denmark, Germany, etc.) but as far as I remember their DRS element only applies to plastic bottles. Re-cycling of glass bottles is still dealt with through normal glass re-cycling bins. As previously suggested, we should tackle plastic first and let existing glass recycling process handle glass. As the rest of the UK is planning to introduce a DRS scheme within the next 2 years, I also think it would be more practical to delay and implement it at the same time as the rest of the UK - therefore allowing business to make the changes only once.