Reader poll: Has Police Scotland done a good job over its ten years in existence?

Has Police Scotland done a good job over its ten years in existence?
  • Yes
  • No

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Police Scotland are the biggest gang in Scotland, backed up by a Procurator Fiscal Office & sheriff’s who allow Jackboot Scotland to perjure, assault and prosecute the innocent to protect the guilty. I was one such victim, who on reporting bogus police officers at my tenancy; part of a gang of cocaine dealers, who wanted to set up business there. Nine months of litigation at Glasgow Sheriff Court saw me defend eight desperate charges, as the solicitor defending me gave me two choices at out first meeting - plead guilty and take a £450 fine, plead not guilty and take a £750 fine. I paid a £150 fine being accused of swearing at officers, which I did not and in any case is not a criminal offence. I will not use either my 38 years of medical experience, nor my 51 years of martial arts experience to assist the jackboots in any way shape or form.

Compared to the Met, police here are luxury

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Compared to the Met. Police Scotland is exemplary…

The Alex Salmond persecution and accompanying futile investigation, aka witch-hunt.? Based upon the flimsiest of accusations and blatantly false accusations. Not the best example of a professional and uncompromised service here to protect us all and uphold the law.

I couldn’t possibly say. The lack of police on the streets must put pressure on them to do a proper job. There can not be a Yes or No on this because we don’t really know.