Reader poll: Do you have trust in Police Scotland?

Do you have trust in Police Scotland?
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The way the police stations’ areas of responsibility apparently follow constituency lines, instead of being the centre of a hub of adjacent areas. The last time I called the police (I’m 10 minutes’ walk from West End police in Edinburgh) I was eventually visited by an officer from Balerno, several miles away. And the West End station, which is close to a high street-crime area, is closed to the public.

The issues with the Police in Scotland start with the outrageous Luke Mitchell case (and still trying to cover up their negligence through the illegal destruction of evidence) and continue through to ‘Police Scotland’ and the farce of the Alex Salmond case as witnessed on the global stage.

Trust there is none in a service that is riddled with corruption, incompetence and an easy ability to be cowed by politicians.

The police have to deal with some of the worst people in our society and they never know the extent of danger they might be in. With such a large number of police there, as with any large employment group, is bound to have a percentage of bad ones. It’s just the press don’t sell with stories of the good things that people do, only the bad things.

Very few stations are open to the public which makes them seem distant from the communities they serve. Their call centre is really dreadful

The police officers I know are reliable and honest, they have very difficult jobs often hindered and frustrated by government policies. no doubt there are some bad apples who spoil the reputation and garner lots of media attention.

A lot of confidence has been damaged by the police behaviour in the Peter Murrell affair, still unresolved.