Reader poll: Are you concerned about the oil and gas industry's influence on the UK Government?

Are you concerned about the oil and gas industry’s influence on the UK Government?
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The UK government for several decades are quite simply Zionist supporting arms dealers who do not care where their weapon systems deliver destruction, death and disability. So why should they be concerned about any other issue that arrives at the door of No 10? The only concern that the ruling party has is profit and the continued ransacking of The Treasury.
Here in Scotland Holyrood is infested with the same self indulgent politicians. Time to dispense with party politics…it is not working and Starmerfuhrer is yet another Tory Bliar…so no hope there.
During the past three years; with an election in mind, I have asked at various XR meetings across Britain for Rebels to stand as independent MSP’s, MWP’s, MP’s & councillors to take on The Dragon in its lair.