Help us investigate... Who Runs Scotland

Have you ever wondered who truly holds the reins in Scotland? The power players behind closed doors, the influencers shaping decisions that impact us all?

In 2021, The Ferret unravelled these questions in our acclaimed ‘Who Runs Scotland’ series, probing lobbying activities directed at the Scottish and UK Governments. This series didn’t just set the agenda; it prompted questions in the Scottish Parliament, featured in prominent media outlets, and sparked debates in civil society. It even won an award at the 2022 Scottish Press Awards.

As a general election looms, with Labour eyeing succession and the SNP facing the prospect of losing seats, we’re gearing up for an eventful year politically and we want to make ‘Who Runs Scotland’ a major part of our plans.

This time, our mission is to shine a light on the forces shaping Scotland where it matters most: from the justice system to education, and from environmental protection to the arts.

But to do so, we need your help. This week, we have launched a new crowdfunding campaign to support The Ferret continue our investigative work into the forces shaping Scotland.

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Whether it’s through a donation or spreading the word, every contribution makes a difference. Plus, we’ve curated some fantastic rewards for our supporters, you can have a peek here.

Your support will allow us to pursue investigations that matter and hold those in power accountable. Together, let’s uncover who really runs Scotland and ensure transparency in governance.

Thank you for being part of our community,
The Ferret team