Empty homes

Holiday homes, investment properties, air BnB lets… how many homes in Scotland and the UK are empty for over 6 months of the year?

Right now some people with second homes are using them to isolate and socially distance. They are putting pressure on resources which is out of line with what should be expected and they’ve been asked not to do this, but there they are, away from their regular home and now basically, on holiday.

And whilst the well-off are relaxing in their second homes, many thousands are beginning (if not already) to struggle with rents and many more will never be able to set a foot on the rung of the property ladder.

I would love to know just how many properties are empty for long periods (or always) and how much those homes contribute to the local communities on average and whether this is a sustainable way to treat housing stock.

If we all just had one home, could we solve the housing crisis and reduce the need to build when we don’t have much capital?

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