Cross Tay Link Road funding: impact on Perth & Kinross

Have a read at this and see if it would benefit from an investigation, particularly as the overspend of £32.5m for the Cross Tay Link Road has been taken from the Climate Change fund, despite the fact that Perth has been flooded, as it was last week, nearly every year in the past decade. It was also approved despite the needs of P&K for funding support . We do not need a big polluting road, with a string of houses along it. We need 20min villages with amenities, and that £32m invested in Perth &Kinross and it’s people. The needed Houses can be built within our current villages. See the Accounts Commission statement, released last week. It highlights the need for:

  • climate change to be embedded in the key decisions councils make
  • public bodies and communities to collaborate to address climate change
  • clear and transparent emissions plans and targets to be put in place by councils
  • an increased pace to deliver transformation in how we travel, live and work
    Sadly this was ignored.