Corrections and update policy

While we strive for accuracy in every Ferret story, we are only human.

Occasionally we may make errors, or we may need to correct or update a story.

If we do make a significant change to a story we will say so by adding a correction note to the story. This will explain what was changed, when it was changed and why.

We regard a significant change as anything that may alter the meaning or factual content of a story. So whilst we would not add a correction note if we had to fix a simple spelling or grammar error, most other changes to a story would require a correction note.

In some, very limited circumstances, there may times when adding a correction note may exacerbate an issue, or draw attention to, the reason a change to a story was made. For example, if we retrospectively decided to alter a story to better protect someone’s privacy. In these circumstances a decision will be taken at the discretion of the editorial committee and recorded privately.

If you think you have spotted a factual error or mistake in one of our stories, please contact us to let us know. Our editorial committee will assess your query, and if we decide that a minor edit is needed we will add a correction note.

The Ferret has a detailed complaints policy that sets out how to make a complaint about any aspect of our work.

Formal complaints about the content of our published material are dealt with differently from complaints about other aspects the organisation.

You can find our complaints policy here.