Are exasperating bank security checks actually preventing frauds?

I’ve just left a bank because the security checks seemed over automated and harassing me without much evidence that they were preventing fraud. The new “recommended” bank doesn’t seem much better and I’ve already spent over an hour locked out because I was suspicious that an enquiry was a scam. Partly my own fault because at 86 (nearly 87 !) the task of managing all the security questions and passwords is a nightmare. I’d like to see some evidence of how much fraud is being prevented by significant customer discomfort.

Unfortunately you’ll find that most of the banks are the same as this area is governed by legislation. The banks have no choice.

Using a password manager such as Bitwarden may help take some of the workout of this process for you butmay complicate the process further if you’re not too computer literate.

Thanks. I appreciate what you say but some seem to rely more heavily on automatic responses with the result that I was sometimes receiving “urgent” messages about items which had already been dealt with - and it looks like the fraudsters are using more human input than the banks.