Al Jazeera's "Labour Files" fact-checkable in any way?

Would be quite interested to see anyone in the British media comment on Al Jazeera’s “Labour Files” (Twitter search), which purport to document a huge data leak from the Labour Party covering (at least thus far) very uneven treatment of members and local parties, according to whether they were Corbyn-friendly or Corbyn-hostile. I believe there are two more episodes due, and antisemitism and racism are topics. The silence among national media (Google search) is … interesting. I wonder whether it could be formulated at a very basic level as a fact check of some kind.

Al Jazeera did a very impressive series on sexual abuse in UK academia earlier this year (“Degrees of Abuse”), so even though this latest series seems a bit one-sided (presumably nobody in Labour establishment deigned to respond), it is pretty scary. Peter Oborne’s presence in the investigation also lends some credibility.