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Your Feedback: What could The Ferret do better?


(TheFerret) #1

At the Symposium By The Sea event in Anstruther, which doubled up as our AGM, we asked event participants to to tells us what they thought The Ferret could do better.

Here are the comments from the post it notes (in no particular order):

  • Tracking web hits to see most successful stories
  • Already doing good, inspired things!
  • Keep up the momentum
  • Improve multi-media, films etc.
  • Increase/manage frequency of stories
  • Topic of forced adoption - inc access to information
  • Publish factcheck service more widely and publicity campaign.
  • Getting the message out there
  • Print version of The Ferret (x2)
  • More Ferret’s own PR
  • Push forum
  • Remind us you are there
  • Increase the number of Journalist Directors
  • Advice on requesting FOI
  • Already doing well - Keep on keeping on!
  • Merchandise, stickets, coasters etc
  • Create more video content. This will reach more people via social media.
  • Get everyone to promote on FB/Twitter to friends
  • Please find a way to reach the masses. Yes!
  • Broadcast not narrowcast
  • FFS to check BBC coverage for inaccurate info
  • Disability access!! Really needs thought out.

Thanks to everyone who came along and shared their thoughts. The new team of Directors will consider them all at our next meeting.

We’d also love to hear thoughts from Ferret members who couldn’t make our AGM.

(Prentice) #2

I think merchandise would be a really good idea. Badges are always a shout.