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Sorry Irn-Bru, Scotland’s not the only place where Coca-Cola is not on top

(TheFerret) #1

Ferret Fact Service looks at the viral claim that Irn-Bru’s dominance makes Scotland the only country where a Coca-Cola product is not the most popular drink.

For more see: https://theferret.scot/scotland-country-coca-cola-popular-irn-bru/

(pauby) #2

Just to be clear, where Coca-Cola is legally sold, Scotland is the only country in the world where their producst are not the most dominant?

So basically Irn Bru are correct as I think it’s a really strenuous link to say ‘no because there are countries where Coca-Cola is not legally available’.

Strenuous guys. Very strenuous.

(EsmondJS) #3

I can’t see any mention of ‘legal’ criteria in the mainstream reporting of this. The map that went viral just says ‘Most popular’. It colours Cuba and N Korea in red as if Coke really is the most popular drink in those countries.

Sure, I’d agree that Irn Bru’s preeminence is clearly more impressive given the market conditions, but that’s not the claim Irn Bru’s retweet or any of the recent viral craze has been making, so it’s worth clarifying. If you were Cuban I’m sure you’d appreciate somebody pointing out that you’re not coloured red.

It’s all a bit of silly season rehashing of social media activity anyway - Irn Bru’s unusual market dominance in Scotland has been known and talked about for years now.

(Carlop74) #4

Continuous studies also put Coke/Coca-Cola as second to Inca kola in Peru. There’s an interesting story that surrounds this feud. Coca-Cola eventually determined that bottling Inca Kola outside of Peru could bring in sales. However, in Peru, Inca Kola remains on top, even on American fast food stores like McDonalds.