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Seven interesting bits from the Reuters Digital News report 2017


(Alastair Tibbitt) #1

According to the Reuters Digital News report, only 3% of people in the UK pay for a regular subscription to an online news outlet.

So that means, there’s potentially another 158,300 people in Scotland who are potential Ferret subscribers…

If everyone of those people subscribed at £3 per month, the Ferret would have an income of £5.6m a year.

And to think there are sceptics out there who say a cooperative news outlet, powered entirely by subscriptions could never work :slight_smile:

( If you’re not already a Ferret subscriber - the best value way to get hold of a subscription is to pitch into our housing investigation crowdfunder.)

There’s also some other interesting trends in digital news in the report - which you can find in its entirety here.

More young people are prepared to pay for news

People who place themselves on the left of the political spectrum are more likely to pay

This is the first year that more people have got news from digital sources, including social media, than TV.

Most of us let an algorithm choose our news for us.

Very soon more people will use a mobile to read the news than a computer

People still prefer to read the news online, not watch it.

You can find the whole report here.