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Revealed: Scots pension funds invest in firms blacklisted by UN

(TheFerret) #1

Scotland’s two largest council pension funds have invested in companies reportedly on a UN blacklist for doing business in illegal Israeli settlements.

For more see: https://theferret.scot/scots-pension-funds-firms-blacklisted/

(stevemackie) #2

Whilst I agree completely that Scottish Pension providers should have no investments in the Arms Trade or with those who enable illegal settlements to be built on the West Bank I don’t think it is realistic to hold Pension Companies to a higher standard than anybody else.
If it is legal in Scotland to manufacture guidance systems for weapons systems currently being used to blow up children in the Yemen and for Scottish workers to profit from the sale of these weapons why should Pension Providers not be able to profit too. The hypocrisy of Trade Unions in this regard is well established…See also supporting the banning of fracking in Scotland yet INEOS workers at Grangemouth profiting from fracking in US.
So whilst everybody loves to put the boot into those fat cat Pension chaps let’s be honest enough to point out that they are not alone in trying to make a few quid from other folks misery.