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Keeping an eye on SE's RSA grants

(Rory) #1

A recent motherboard article about subsidies to Amazon in the US reminded me of stories about the same happening with the Welsh and Scot Govs. Eg. this from earlier this year - http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/pressure-mounts-on-scottish-government-over-amazon-handouts-1-4411983/amp

I had a look the through the reports of SE’s RSA scheme. Most of the recipients seem innocuous but there are a few that folk probably wouldn’t be happy about. In recent years there’s been SE RSA scheme grants to Capita, BAE, and what looks like other defence companies.

The reports are on the SE site - https://www.scottish-enterprise.com/knowledge-hub/articles/publication/rsa-reports

Anyway putting this here as I think it’d be good to learn more about who we subsidise.

(Alastair Tibbitt) #2

Watch this space @digitalWestie :slight_smile: The Ferrets have already been deployed on this one…

(Rory) #3

Nice one, thought you’d be on it! :thumbsup:

(james1) #4

There really needs to be much closer public scrutiny of how our taxes are spent - I saw a clip of people’s comments on BBC Scottish news (I think Fri night) asking people what they thought about the new taxes being levied on us, here in Scotland. One lady who happened to be black, really nailed it on the head, with her comments. She said something like it is the waste of money in the public sector that needst to be stopped - she refered specifically to the health service, I am sure this applies right across the board to many public sector agencies and bodies. We need much more openess to ensure our taxes are being spent to give us the best value outcomes. This is a topic that politicians never discuss, as they are all as bad as each other. You only ever hear them talk about more taxes.