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Does Scotland have the best A&E waiting times in the UK?

(TheFerret) #1

We examine the claim that people in Scotland don’t have to wait as long in accident and emergency as people in the rest of the UK.

For more see: https://theferret.scot/does-scotland-have-best-emergency-nhs-waiting-times-uk/

(themadmurph) #2

While I have no issue with your article or its conclusions, I feel the initial paragraph needs addressed.

While it may be true that opposition politicians criticised her for neglecting the “day job” to sell a second referendum to those abroad, it was not the purpose of the trip.

I chose to fund you looking for honesty and impartiality, that I feel is missing in many of the mainstream publications who have their editorial preferences and spin.

I think a more appropriate opening paragraph would have been to state the actual purpose of the FM’s visit to the states, perhaps adding the opposition party criticism thereafter.

Perhaps Ferret a little further in future!