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Chicken scandal firm breached environmental regulations

(TheFerret) #1

One of Scotland’s largest farming businesses has breached regulations whilst receiving more than half a million pounds from taxpayers.

For more see: https://theferret.scot/intensive-farming-firm-2-sisters-flouting-regulations/

(TheFerret) #2

BBC Scotland followed up this story on Reporting Scotland. Here’s their package, which includes a response from 2 Sisters.

(TheFerret) #3

This week the Westminster Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, announced its intention to inquire into the allegations of food safety breaches at 2 Sisters Food Group, “following recent reports of malpractice at the 2 Sisters poultry plants in West Bromwich and elsewhere.”

The inquiry is to investigate the regulatory and accreditation bodies with a relationship to the firm, and the potential ramifications of the allegations made against 2 Sisters for the poultry sector and the wider food chain.

On 25 October evidence will be sought from:

· Ranjit Singh Boparan, Chief Executive and Owner of 2 Sisters Food Group.

· The Food Standards Agency

· Assured Food Standards
· The British Poultry Council

Neil Parish, Chair, said: “Public confidence in our domestic food standards is central to the success of the UK’s agri-food industry. The Committee has been closely monitoring reports about malpractice at the 2 Sisters Food Group, and considers an inquiry into the allegations of food safety breaches at its processing plants to be a matter of urgency.

“We hope that looking into the causes of any breaches will allow 2 Sisters to rectify the situation and put in place safeguards that mean similar incidents do not happen again. It’s vital that lessons learned in our inquiry inform the wider industry, contribute to higher food standards across the UK, and restore the confidence in both food and farming across the UK.”