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Brexit, Dark Money and the DUP

(pkgeoghegan) #1

George Monbiot writes on Brexit and dark money in politics in the Guardian:

"How is this acceptable? A multimillionaire City asset manager has pledged to spend up to £700,000 on ousting Labour MPs who campaigned against Brexit. Jeremy Hosking will use his money to ensure that there is as little parliamentary opposition to a hard Brexit as possible. Why should multimillionaires be allowed to try to buy political results?

Allowed? That’s too soft a word. It is enabled by our pathetic, antiquated and anti-democratic rules on political spending."

Monbiot’s piece follows up, in part, a series on openDemocracy by Ferreter Peter Geoghegan and Adam Ramsay on how £435,000 in dark money was funnelled through the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland during the Brexit campaign:



As we head into a general election sparked by the Brexit vote, has the question of who funds our politics ever been more vital?