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BBC Licensing: What do other countries do to fund their national broadcasters?

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What do other countries do to fund their national broadcasters? Do they send henchmen to peoples doors? Is a families ability to pay taken into account?
I am currently being hounded to prove that I do not need a TV licence. I don’t, but why should I have to prove this? Why don’t the BBC have their own paywall/subscription service?
Here is my letter to them:

BBC Customer Services
TV Licensing
DL98 1TL

Dear British State Broadcaster

I have zero interest in any of your products so kindly stop trying to extort money from me to pay for them. I do not even listen to BBC radio, as any coverage of my country Scotland is at best presented from an anglo-british perspective, but more often wildly inaccurate partial and bias in the extreme. I know this not because I listen anymore; but because I keep informed through the free media of the internet which provides me with constant examples of this appalling propaganda dressed up as news.

Please don’t send any of your bully-boy so called license fee inspectors to my home to harass my family. As I have stated, I wouldn’t use your products for free never mind pay for them. There are numerous other sources of home entertainment that are far better value and accuracy that I prefer to use. If I’d had Sky and cancelled they wouldn’t send anyone to my home demanding access to check if I’m using their product so why are you threatening to do so?

To summarize; I do not nor will I ever use any products or services provided by the BBC.

Copies of this letter will be forwarded to Fiona Hyslop MSP and posted on social media.

Yours sincerely

Mark Harper
Scottish Citizen