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Claim that fire service paying VAT was 'SNP policy' is Mostly False (1)
Claim 60 per cent of Scots farmers voted for Brexit, Tories and against independence is Mostly False (1)
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Claim that Scotland has higher rate of race-related murders is Mostly True (1)
Claim that 30 per cent of children in the UK are born into poverty is True (1)
Claim students do not leave university with "huge debt" is Mostly False (4)
Claim on Scotland's positive trade balance compared to UK nations is Mostly False (3)
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Claim that military earning over just £24,000 will pay more tax in Scotland is False (2)
Claim that Scotland does not use private accommodation for homeless people is False (2)
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Claim the SNP changed Brexit stance four times is Mostly False (1)
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Claim that recorded crime down and police numbers up is Mostly True (1)
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Claim that Brexit was not a vote to leave single market is Half True (1)
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MP's claim joining EEC did not boost UK growth is Mostly False (1)
Claim that Buckfast linked to 40 per cent of Scottish crimes is False (1)
Claim that Salmond show is on 'Russian propaganda channel' is Mostly True (1)
Theresa May's claim Scotland has broadband powers is Mostly False (1)